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Diagnostic and coding software

Software and hardware used to perform full service diagnostics, enable and adjust features, and retrofit optional equipment.


Software used officially by BMW dealers and services. EDIABAS contains programs responsible for performing different tasks on a BMW car. Usually installed with BMW Standard Tools installer containing the following software:

Software above requires data files called SP-DATEN that contain detailed information about modules installed in different BMW models.

Rheingold ISTA

  • ISTA-P - programing
  • ISTA-D - coding


BMW Scanner


NCS Dummy

Coding helper for NCS-Expert that provides english descriptions and values for most popular functions available for coding.

BMW Coding Tool

NCS-Expert guide and helper, SP-DATEN files automatic updater.

BMW Coding Database

Online database designed to store and share tips about coding modifications.


iOS / Android application with predefined coding options.

Carly for BMW

iOS / Android application with predefined coding options.

Module names

  • CAS - Car/Comfort Access System
  • CCC - Car Communication Computer
  • DSC - Dynamic stability control
  • DWA - Alarm System
  • FRM - Foot space module
  • HVAC - Auxiliary Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning
  • KOMBI - Instrument Cluster
  • PDC - Park Distance Control

Codeable features

Select your car to check which features are available.

Hidden features

Instrument cluster hidden menu

All modern BMW cars have instrument cluster hidden diagnostic menu which can be accessed by car owner in order to perform few basic tests and view live data from various car sensors.

Radio and navigation hidden menu

Radio and navigation units have hidden menus that provide access to diagnostic data and some advanced settings.

Reset service reminders

After performing regular maintenance service in BMW cars you can reset service reminders without diagnostic interface. You can do so for the following reminders:

  • general inspection
  • front brakes
  • rear brakes
  • legal reminder
  • emission

CC-ID diagnostic codes

All messages that you can see on the instrument cluster are graphical. Some issues are using the same icon, but after changing the CC-ID code that caused the message you can more precisely establish what caused the message.

iDrive update

Multimedia system firmware and GPS navigation maps can be updated by owner, using just a USB memory stick.

Navigation Maps

Multimedia system firmware

Popular procedures and mods

Sunroof calibration

BMW sunroof calibration - relearn after disconnection the battery.

Fuel consumption readout correction

Adjust fuel consumption readout correction factor - adjust correction factor so the estimated fuel consumption matches actual real-world value.

Emergency engine shutdown

BMW emergency engine shutdown - how to shutdown engine when car is moving.

Launch control

2.0 diesel launch control - how to use launch control with diesel engine with manual transmission.

ENET diagnostic cable

Build your ENET cable - how to make your own BMW ENET diagnostic cable.

TPMS reset

Reset TPMS system in BMW.

CDV delete

Clutch Delay Valve is installed in manual transmissions for a smoother clutch operation by restricting hydraulic flow. Unfortunately started causing problems on low revs with a noticeable jerky behavior.

Popular engines



Parts, schematics, diagrams, manuals

Online history and factory options

What is LCI?

It means Life Cycle Impulse - this term is used by BMW when a car gets a "facelift".


  • BMW no longer encodes engine displacement volume in cars badge. For example BMW E87 with badges: 116d, 118d, 120d, 123d all have 2.0 liter diesel engines.
  • Kombi body version is called Touring.