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Recent cars use remote control that integrates ignition key inside (VW flip key). Some cars do not require using the key itself to start the car (Volvo V50). Usually as an option there's a keyless system available which will detect that the key/remote is in the car and let the driver start the car with a press of a button on a dashboard.


Ignition key and immobilizer

Flip key or hidden key with embedded immobilizer.

Opening and closing central lock

Zone lock

Pressing once the unlock button will open only drivers door. Next press unlocks other doors.

Boot only

Some remotes have separate button to unlock or open bottom.

Dead lock

Pressing lock button for the second time can enable deadlock feature in some cars.


Some cars with OEM alarm system have panic button which will turn on the alarm siren. Usually this require long-press or double-press of the panic button to prevent from accidental usage.

Windows, sunroof and side mirrors operation

Press-and-hold on lock or unlock button will close or open windows, sunroof and side mirrors.

Interior lights

Pressing lock button second time after set period of time will turn on interior lights to help you spot you car on a busy parking lot without unlocking your doors.

Exterior lights

Separate button designed to turn parking lights (Volvo) or coming-home & leaving-home function that turns on certain lights for a set period of time when you unlock or lock your car.

Heat and ventilation

Usually separate remote to operate HVAC system remotely.



Modern cars does not require remote teaching after replacing the battery.


In some cars there's a induction charger in the ignition itself that will charge the remote.