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Light source types




Types and functions

Separate light sources

Lens projectors

Bi-xenon, Bi-halogen, Bi-LED

High and low beam from a single light source. Shutter controlled with electromagnet or small electric engine moves and changes light pattern. In some applications (eg. Skoda Roomster with Bi-Halogen) also the headlight adjustment engine is involved - when switching between high and low beams the headlight tilts slightly up and down.

Cornering lights

Also called curb lights.

Daytime Running Lights


Light function must match homologation marks on the housing. Check for following marks:

Light source

  • Halogen
  • Xenon (Discharge)
  • LED

Light function

  • High beam
  • Low beam
  • High and low beam
  • Daytime running lights
  • Fog lights
  • Cornering lights