DW10 engine

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Power versions

Ford 2.0TDCi tuning from 115 or 140 to 163 bhp

All three power versions of this engine have identical hardware. The only difference is software configuration of the ECU that already contains all 3 maps. Apply only to engines made between 2010 and 2014.

  1. Use ELM327 diagnostic interface to connect to your car with ELMConfig software.
  2. Read and safe config from BCM module.
  3. Go to "Central Configuration" tab and change the "asdf" to "2.0 I4 150PS Diesel DW10C Stage V"
  4. Write new configuration to BCM and IPC modules.
  5. Exit ELMConfig and start new session with IDS.
  6. Find service functions for PCM.
  7. Write Central Config to PCM.
  8. Scan all modules and clear all DTCs.