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  • ...unit can select which vents to use for better air mixing. If cars interior needs to be cooled down, then most likely windscreen vent is used. To warm up int ...gine off, user can press REST button which will reactive HVAC unit make it work as long as the engine heat can be used to keep interior temperature at desi
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  • ...ike [[NCS Dummy]], [[BMW Coding Tool]]. Those programs will do most of the work for you which will minimize the risk of error.
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  • Carista supports all cars that work with OBD2 standard with its basic functionality. Extended functions (like c
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  • Russian software designed to work with ELM327 interface to read and change cofinguration in Ford Focus. Softw
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  • There are two light sensors (photoresistors) required for the system to work properly. One checks for ambient light level, second one checks amount of l ([[BMW]], [[Audi]]) also side mirrors will dim. Rear view mirror will work as the master device and both side mirrors are slave devices which are cont
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  • [[Category:Needs work]]
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  • ...ment can be integrated a lot of technology required for other functions to work correctly. [[Category:Needs work]]
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  • ...eatures of the manufacturer protocols, making the FORScan more powerful in work with these models than any regular [[OBD2]] scanner. <ref>http://www.forsca
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  • Some sources indicate that USB connection will only work if empty file <code>/var/dataoverdlink</code> is present.
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