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File names and locations

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

  • /tsd/etc/slist/signed_exception_list.txt
  • /HBpersistence/FEC/Exceptionlist.txt
  • /efs-persist/etc/prodEL.txt

File Content

Fazit IDs

There's a mechanism that can secure the file and prohibit for using it in different device than it's intended to. Example: VVV-074DD.MM.YYZZZZZZZZ

  • VVV = vendor or main unit code name
  • DD = production day
  • MM = production month
  • YY = production year

There seems to be a workaround mechanism by replacing characters with ?. That way we get ???-?????.??.?????????? which in theory should be accepted as valid by main units with different VCRNs and production dates.

Different main unit versions use different 3-character prefix. [6]

  • 8VV = MIB2 STD Delphi
  • AW7 = MIB1 Aisin
  • BKA = MIB2 Harman
  • GRO = MIB2 Delphi
  • HHA =??
  • JTH = MIB2 Harman
  • JTB = MIB1/MIB2 High Harman
  • PM6 = MIB STD Panasonic
  • YJL = MIB2 Harman
  • YD5 = MIB STD2 Technisat/Preh
  • YD7 = MIB STD2 Preh

Boardbook data path

Destination = "/net/mmx/mnt/boardbook"
SigDestination = "/net/mmx/mnt/boardbook/RSDB"

PPOI data path

Destination = "/net/mmx/mnt/navdb/PersonalPOI"

List of supported FSCs

fsc = "00030000"
fsc2 = "00040100"

FEC can be provided as a range of values, for example fsc = "02100000;0210003F".


signature1 = ...


Process tsd.mibstd2.system.swap checks the file, compares production date, VCRN, signature. If it's all OK, then it passes listed FEC codes ad valid.

Patching tsd.mibstd2.system.swap

Altering parts of this files code one can make it to skip the checking procedure and force it to pass FEC codes.
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